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“I was rehabbing a knee replacement when the high cost of a medication I was taking came up in conversation. I was paying a $650.00 co-pay every 90 days for medication for an overactive bladder. I was told there could be a physical therapy solution to the leaking when I sneezed or coughed and the sense of urgency I often felt. I wasn’t thrilled with the cost or the side effects of the medicine I was taking, so I decided to give the PT option a chance. In just a few weeks, I noticed an improvement using the simple exercises and breathing exercises I was taught. The answer was already there, I just had to learn how to train my body differently. Thanks Kari and AMG for the great service you provide!” -Jeanne


“I have been to AGM previously after ankle surgery and now for a shoulder injury. Both times, the staff has done a terrific job. I like that every session includes previously executed techniques as well as new ones that help to both mentally and physically keep you advancing. They also do a great job explaining the anatomy and physiology of the techniques.” -Michael


“For months I have had pain in my heel after injury. On the recommendation of a Podiatrist I did stretches, wore heel pads and bought inserts for my shoes. There still was no relief from the pain so I decided to try dry needling with Gregory C Morris at AGM. After only two sessions I have had a dramatic decrease in my pain!! I highly recommend it! Thank you Greg!”-Martha


“I came here with severe pain in my upper back and neck. Each visit made me feel better and with the exercises here and doing them at home, I’m pain free and feeling great. Maria and the others here have helped me feel whole again.” -Tina


“I am very pleased with the therapy I received from AGM. Kevin was very professional and knowledgeable. It was great to hear, even after a few sessions, that my progress with my knee replacement was ahead of schedule. I have spoken to several people about how happy I am to have had physical therapy with AGM!” -Ruth